What is the importance of superflat ?

  •   Improving the stability of the forklift on top floor flat track
  •   Improving the stability of the position of a high shelf
  •   Making the floor more durable
  •   Ensuring the safety stock of goods
  •   Reducing the risk of accidents forklift operator
  •   Accelerating operational performance
  •   Reducing maintenance and repair cost
  •   Producing a conducive working environment
  •   Maximizing storage area of the warehouse
  •   Looks clean and esthetic appearance
  •   Long – term durability of the concrete surface since it’s hard and dense wearing surface
  •   For Logistic warehouse, maintain stability of a high shelf position, securing stock item, stability and accelerate forklift movement onto the superflat floor


Effect from weak concrete surface and bumpy floor

  • Dusty concrete surface, looks dull and dirty, high cost maintainance
  • Forklift instability caused by turbulence (bumpy floor) and make the forklift wheels damaged quicker
  • Damaging stock of goods
  • Increase the risk of accident (falls) to the forklift operator
  • Slowing operating movement 
  • Increase the cost of repairs or maintenance
  • Resulted in a work environment that is not conducive 


The Advantages of Using Besroc Indonesia

  •   Pre-survey planning on the field to ensure to ensure all works run smoothly
  •   Supervising guide rail and concrete condition
  •   Using the best equipment and machine such as :
    •   Vibrator beam screeding
    •   Somero S-840 laser screed
    •   Ride on Trowel  
  •   We used dipstick* as our measurement device.


  *Dipstick is computerized device that determine flatness or levelness of floor surface accurately