Ashford Formula Definition :

Ashford Formula is a colorless, transparent liquid that penetrates concrete and masonry building materials, protecting, preserving, and strengthening them. It does this by effectively penetrating the surface and solidifying the components of the concrete into one solid mass. The effect is to increase density and toughen, harden and resist moisture for the life of the concrete.


Ashford Formula Benefit:

   Ashford Formula seals portland cement based materials, concrete and other materials into a mass that is essentially solid, rather than porous material that traditional concrete is on its own. Unlike film-forming surface treatments that peel away, the Ashford Formula eliminates the need for expensive reapplications by penetrating the concrete and closing the pores from within, converting the concrete into a solid densified mass. The Ashford Formula will inhibit the migration of water, oils, and other surface contaminants into a concrete.
   The Ashford Formula makes concrete abrasion resistant. In fact, abrasion testing shows that an Ashford Formula treated floor will be 32% harder within the first 30 minutes of treatment. The treated concrete will continue to harden over time. The Ashford Formula also acts as a supplement to the surface and aggregate hardeners.
   User as a curing agent, the Ashford Formula slows the outward migration of water from concrete. Its chemical reaction forms a densified barrier that reduces shrinkage, cracking, and hairline checking.
   Concrete naturally create dust from efflorescence, which then settles on finished goods, racks and equipment. Ashford Formula combines with the concrete salts, becoming an integral part of the concrete and thus completely dust proofing the surface. This substantially reduces maintenance costs and protects sensitive equipment and finished manufactured products from dust particles.
   Over time, concrete treated with the Ashford Formula develops an attractive wax-like sheen. The more the floor is subjected to traffic and regular cleaning, the better it looks. Rather than eroding or wearing away, the concrete actually begins to self-polish under the abrasive action of traffic and cleaning.
   Withing 6 to 12 months after being applied to steel-troweled surfaces, Ashford Formula develops a glossy, marble-like sheen that lasts the lifetime of your concrete. This eliminates the need for repeated applications of urethanes, waxes, acrylics and other expensive maintenance-intensive floor coatings. Because of Ashford Formula permanently seals concrete, foreign matter-including oil, alkali, free lime, and traffic scum-cannot penetrate. Your concrete can be easily washed with a mop and soapy water or automatic scrubber.


The function of Ashford Formula :

  • Substantiate condition of  the new and old concrete floor from abrasion so that the floor surface more stronger and not dusty.
  • Improve the appearance of the concrete floor, so it’s look more shiny.


Ashford Formula Project Reference :

 1.  OTSUKA First Step , Malang Jawa east th 2012  
 2.  OTSUKA Second Step, Malang Jawa east th 2013  
 3. Hair Care Dan Fabric care P & G Second step , Karawang West Java.15.000 m2 , th 2014   
 4. Coca Cola Warehouse , Jl Raya Bogor . 1400 m2 th 2015  
 5. Coca Cola Bulan Baru , Pasuruan East java. PT FABS, 18.900 m2, th 2016  
 6. P&G Phase 1, Karawang vol. 15.000 m²  
 7. P&G Phase 2, Karawang Vol. 20.000 m²  
 8. SDC Project P&G Jakarta Third step , PT MAU , th 2015  
 9. MMP Warehouse , PT MAU . 20.000 m2, th 2016  
 10. WIK Phase 2 , Kawasan PANBIL ,Batam. 6600 m2, th 2016  
 11. Gudang Tempo Scan Pacific , Kalasan Jogjakarta. 2300 m2, th 2016  
 12. Crown Warehouse , Cikande West Java. 1840 m2 ,th 2016  
 13. PT. Pungkook Indonesia One, Purwodadi Central Java. 1400 m2 ,th 2016  
 14. PT. Pouyuen Indonesia , Cianjur West Java. 70.000 m2, th 2015 – 2017  
 15. Coca Cola Bulan Baru , Pasuruan East java. PT FABS, 18.900 m2, th 2016  
 16. Gudang Tempo Scan Pacific , Jember East Java. 3600 m2, th 2017  
 17. Gudang DC Alfa , Gianyar Bali. 7600 m2, th 2017  
 18. Bambang Jaya Trafo , Ngoro East Java. 1200 m2, th 2017  
 19. Teh Tong Tji Warehouse , Padaharja ,Tegal. 2460 m2, th 2017  
 20. Decathlon , Alam Sutera Tangerang, 2000 m2 , th 2017  
 21. PT .APLE  Cikarang , 1200 m2 , th 2017  


Ashford Formula Project :

    Bambang Jaya Travo, Ngoro    

Coca Cola Amatyl Cibitung & Semarang,

35.000m2& 15.000m2


Coca Cola Cimanggis 1400m2 &

Coca Cola Pasuruan 20.000m2


Gudang Arsip Crown,

Kawasan Modern Cikande, 1840m2

    Gudang DC Alfa Gianyar Bali, 7600m2     MMP Warehouse, PT MAU 20.000m2
    Otsuka Lawang, 2500m2    

P&G KIIC Karawang Phase 1 - 15.000m2 ,

Phase 2 - 20.000m2

    Pouyuen Indonesia Cianjur, 70.000m2
    Shell Marunda 8000m2     Tempo Scan Pacific Jogja, 2300m2     Tempo Scan Pcific Jember , 3600m2

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